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Mortise Door Lock Set
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Mortise door Lock : A Simplified Buyer's Guide

1st Simplified Buyer’s Guide on Mortise Door Lock Price and Purchase Process | A Complete Guide for Hardware Suppliers, Wholesale Buyers, Builders, Construction Purchase Managers, and Importer over Mortise Door Lock manufacturers in India.

Here we are sharing with you the best range of SS304 Mortise Handle, Iron Mortise Door Handle, and Stainless Steel/Brass Mortise Door Lock, with effective Quality & timely delivery.


A complete solution with the best in industry mortise door lock price from all the way direct from mortise lock manufacturers in India.

Introduction of Mortise door Lock Set

Mortise Door Locks with Brass Cylinders emerged as an important doorway to the history of lock design and development.


It came from the late 15th century and rose to prominence in the 17th century with the emergence of the Dutch Republic.​

Brass cylinder combination locks were the first to be used for this type of lock and the panels were made of a single piece of timber that served as a platform for a full hand or small key.

The keyring was produced in the form of a web of horseshoe-shaped wooden links, and an additional method of locking the gate was placing a tumbler lock that is commonly referred to as a Swiss lock.​


After the independence of India, in August 1947, India opened its vast market for manufacturing and Export of Mortise handles lock sets and there was a surge in the world market demand for mortise locks manufactured especially from Rajkot-Gujarat-India.

Types of Mortise Door Locks Manufacturer's mark 'TNI'

1) 304 Stainless Steel - Mortise handle set comes with one pair of SS304 handles with Brass Cylinder Locks, Three Ultra Keys, and a Lock Body These are widely popular locks in the industry. India and worldwide.

2) Mild Steel(MS) - Mortise handles lock set comes with one pair of MS handle anodized finish or carbon Quoated Color. Made with the original MS black or dark grey painted steel.​ These sets have two options for Cylinder less regular lock body or Brass Cylinder Locks, Three Ultra Keys, and a Lock Body

3) Mortise door lock Manufacturer's mark 'TNI'- these locks are known for their characteristic hardness which makes it the most stable and reliable product.​


4) Brass-mortise door lock: Typically this is used in high or expensive door architectural planning.

Mortise door lock set: Technical Information

Mortise Locks: The SS304 high-grade stainless steel handle is an integral part of lock installation. The key role of the handle in locking the door is the key role in either opening or closing the door. Also, the grip of the handles is an important factor in the mortise door lock.​

SS304 material is the highest standard for cabinet doors & doors for furniture & doorways in the UK, India, United States. SS304 steel is made from Steel, Chromium, carbon steel, and Nickel.


The three components steel, Chromium, and nickel create non-magnetic steel. SS304 steel has a shiny luster and is hard-wearing.​ Also made the real rust-proof stainless steel. Keys are made from Brass Metal and embossed TNI Logo on all keys.

Mortise Door Lock Price

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Conclusion: In the end, mortise door lock price Price that matters these days, mortise door lock manufacturers in India are the finest products to get fitted in your premier houses especially the mortise handle manufacturer in Rajkot superior in quality with the lowest price in the world market.​


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